The Last Days of Disco

Character: Charlotte Pingress
Directed by: Whit Stillman
Written by: Whit Stillman
Produced by: Whit Stillman, Cecilia Kate Roque, Edmon Roch, John Sloss
Other cast: Chloë Sevigny, Chris Eigeman, Mackenzie Astin, Matt Keeslar
Release date: June 12, 1998
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Music
Running time: 1h 53min

Two young women and their friends spend spare time at an exclusive nightclub in 1980s New York.


→ History is made at night.


⋄ First film for which Kate Beckinsale had to effect an American accent.

Character’s Quotes

• It’s really important there be more group social life. Not just all this ferocious pairing off.