Pearl Harbor

Character: Evelyn Johnson
Directed by: Michael Bay
Written by: Randall Wallace
Produced by: Michael Bay, Jerry Bruckheimer
Other cast: Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Jon Voight, Ewen Bremner
Release date: May 25, 2001
Genre: Action, Drama, History
Running time: 3h 3min

A tale of war and romance mixed in with history. The story follows two lifelong friends and a beautiful nurse who are caught up in the horror of an infamous Sunday morning in 1941.


→ It takes a moment to change history. It takes love to change lives.
→ December 7, 1941 – It Was A Sunday Morning…
→ December 7, 1941 – A Surprise Attack That Changed Their Lives Forever
→ It was the end of innocence, and the dawn of a nation’s greatest glory.
→ December 7, 1941 – A day that shall live in infamy
→ Experience the event that changed the world.
→ Man the Guns – Join the Fight
→ Nurses Are Needed Now! To Have and to Hold!
→ Victory
→ Buy War Bonds – Keep him flying!
→ December 7, 1941 – The Day America Stood Still!