Much Ado About Nothing

Character: Hero
Created by: William Shakespeare (play)
Directed by: Kenneth Branagh
Written by: Kenneth Branagh
Produced by: Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Evans, David Parfitt
Other cast: Kenneth Branagh, Michael Keaton, Robert Sean Leonard, Keanu Reeves, Emma Thompson
Release date: July 2, 1993
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
Running time: 1h 51min

Hero and her groom-to-be, Claudio, team up with Claudio's commanding officer, Don Pedro, the week before their wedding to hatch a matchmaking scheme. Their targets are sharp-witted duo Benedick and Beatrice -- a tough task indeed, considering their corresponding distaste for love and each other. Meanwhile, meddling Don John plots to ruin the wedding.


→ Romance. Mischief. Seduction. Revenge. Remarkable.
→ A romantic comedy for anyone who’s ever been in love.


⋄ First theatrical movie of Kate Beckinsale (Hero), who shot this movie during her summer break from studying Russian and French at New College, Oxford, England.
⋄ The film marked the first screen kiss for Kate Beckinsale, when she kissed her co-star Robert Sean Leonard.

Character’s Quotes

• Nature never framed a woman’s heart of prouder stuff than that of Beatrice – disdain and scorne ride sparkling in her eyes.
• And when I lived, I was your other wife. And when you loved you were my other husband. One Hero died defiled, but I do live and surely as I live, I am a maid.