Devices and Desires

Character: Young Alice Mair (voice)
Created by: P.D. James (novel)
Directed by: John Davies
Written by: Thomas Ellice
Produced by: John Rosenberg
Other cast: Roy Marsden, Susannah York, Gemma Jones
Episodes: 1x02
Original airdate: January 11, 1991
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Running time: 50 min

When another dead woman is found, many assume it is the work of the Whistler. Discovered by Miles Lessingham while on his way to Dr. Alex Mair's home for a dinner party, the woman had been strangled and was lying just off the road. The victim was Christine Baldwin, an employee at the nuclear facility. Still worried about the computer virus and the impact it could have on the safety of the nuclear reactors, Toby Gledhill decides to join the anti-nuclear movement. Hilary Robarts is trying to evict the Blaney family from her cottage. Alice Mair is still haunted by the abuse she suffered as a child.