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Happy Birthday Kate + ‘Prisoner’s Daughter’ Screencaptures Added

First off, we must say happy birthday to the goddess herself Kate Beckinsale. We hope that she is having an amazing birthday with people she loves and is relaxing and also supporting the Actor’s strike! In celebration of her birthday, I’ve managed to add screencaptures from her latest film Prisoner’s Daughter which I highly recommend […]

Guilty Party Episodes 1-5 Added
November 7, 2021   Guilty Party, Screencaptures, TV-Shows

First off, I apologize for the lack of updates. I had ran into some computer issues and then got scammed for $500.00 from Facebook Marketplace. Finally getting a new laptop straight from Best Buy and now I am back to updating you guys on all things Kate! With Kate’s series now debuting on Paramount Plus, […]

‘Jolt’ Screencaptures Added
August 5, 2021   Jolt, Movies, Screencaptures

I’ve managed to add Blu Ray style captures of Kate from her newest film Jolt which you can now stream on Amazon Prime here – Home > Movie Productions > Jolt > MOVIE SCREENCAPTURES

Massive Update: Kate on Various Talk Shows
June 16, 2020   Interviews, Screencaptures

I’ve gone ahead and added various talk shows that Kate has visited from 2008 to present. I hope that I can add several more screencaptures and be able to build the gallery even more. I’ve managed to add over 4,000 talk show appearances in MQ-HD quality! – 2008 | LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN [MARCH […]

“Tiptoes” HD Screencaptures
March 5, 2020   Movies, Screencaptures, Tiptoes

The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Kate Beckinsale from 2003 movie “Tiptoes” An average-sized Steve falls in love with Carol, but problems arise between them when she is pregnant and he fears that the baby might be born with a short stature. Movie Productions > Tiptoes > Screencaptures